I am Associate Professor of Economics at Bard College and Research Scholar at the Levy Economics Institute, NY. [more]



The Case for a Job Guarantee

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"The Federal Job Guarantee: Prevention, Not Just a Cure" Challenge, (July) 2019: 1-20.

  see also "The Job Guarantee: Design, Jobs, Implementation

       [link] Levy Institute Working Paper 902, Apr 2018.

"Completing the Euro: The Euro Treasury and the Job Guarantee" (with Cruz-Hidalgo and Ehnts) in Revista Economia Critica, 2019 (27): 100-111

“The High Costs of UBI are Not Financial: They are Real.” Eastern Economic Journal, 2019: 45 (2): 327-330

“Money and Monetary Regimes: a journey through the historical origins of money to the present day”, in Jo, Chester, and D’lppoliti (eds.) Handbook of Heterodox Economics, London, U.K.: Routledge, 2018

Speaking (selected)


The Green New Deal and the Job Guarantee, Parliament, Paris, France, 01/17


Modern Monetary Theory and the Green New Deal, European Central Bank, 11/13

Raising Incomes in America, Century Foundation, WDC 6/12

On Jobs and Technology, featured panel of SASE Society for the Advancement of Social Economics, 6/29

Paying for the Green New Deal, Harvard Law School, 5/24

On the Job Guarantee and the Green New Deal, Cornell Law  3/13, Yale 4/29, Skidmore 4/24, NYU 4/15, UC-Santa Barbara 5/29

Keynote: Ushering in the Next Progressive Era, Colorado Fiscal Institute 1/11


"The Job Guarantee: Fighting Poverty, Empowering Workers, and Advancing the Public Purpose" 2/24, Harvard Law School [video]

Uniting Against Poverty 2/25, Harvard Kennedy School,


Tackling the Eurozone Challenges: New Directions for Research and Policy, European Central Bank, 11/28, Frankfurt, Germany,

"The Job Guarantee: What, Why, How" Economists for Peace and Security, 11/15, WDC, [video]

Keynote: The Next Big Thing, 10/19 Bloomberg, Bulgaria

On Monetary Sovereignty, Fighting Inflation and the Job Guarantee (2 talks) 3/7-3/10, European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
"The Job Guarantee"1/27, Parliament, Rome, Italy

"Zero Unemployment" 1/24, Parliament, Madrid, Spain


"Keep Unemployment from Mushrooming with Preventative Policies", New York Times

"The Argument Against Basic Income", Bloomberg WDYM, [video] [more]

"Infrastructure in the Age of Trump" Bloomberg WDYM, [video] [more]



"Modern Monetary Theory, the Job Guarantee, & Inequality",IMHoppingMad


"The Job Guarantee and Social Justice", Next System Podcast

More here: [Soundcloud]

"Does the Future of Work Include a Federal Jobs Guarantee?" Pitchfork Economics

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