Feb 24, 2018

Harvard Kennedy School

Nov 27, 2017

European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany

Tackling the Eurozone Challenges: New Directions for Research and Policy

Oct 19, 2017

The Next Big Thing conference, Bloomberg, Bulgaria

Keynote: On Fiscal Policy

Mar 07, 2017

European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany

1. Money and Sovereignty

2. The Job Guarantee

Jan 27, 2017

Parliament, Rome, Italy

Modern Money, the Eurozone, and the Job Guarantee

Jan 24, 2017

Parliament, Madrid, Spain

Modern Money and the Transitional Jobs Plan

Dec 15, 2016

Financial Planners Association-National Chapter, Washington, D.C.

"LET’S GET FISCAL: Falling in Love with Fiscal Policy all over again in the Post-Election Season" more

Nov 04, 2016

Public Lecture, New York University, NY

"Tackling Global Unemployment", invited lecture by the Global and Liberal Studies program, Politics, Rights and Development concentration

Oct 12, 2016

Central Bank, Ecuador

"Combating Deflation through Fiscal Components of Monetary Policy" Invited presentation

Oct 05, 2016

World Affairs Council event, FDR Library

"Inheriting the World: Foreign Policy and the Next President" more

Aug 23, 2016

Canadian Association of Business Economists, Kingston, Ontario

"Full Employment in the 21st Century - Relevant Concept? Attainable Goal?" A special session in honor of Mike McCracken, former CABE President, Kingston, Canada.

Jun 13, 2016

Hyman Minsky Summer Workshop, Levy Institute, NY

1) Functional Finance: Old and New and 2) Reorienting Fiscal Policy, Bard College

Mar 24, 2016

Annual Will Lyons memorial lecture

Inequality and Joblessness by Design: How to Choose a Different Future, Franklin and Marshall College, PA

Mar 09, 2016

Gender and Macroeconomics

Discussion on the 'Purple Economy', NYC

Feb 27, 2016

Washington D.C.

"Money and Power: A New Look at the Modern Money and Chartalist Traditions" EEA

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